Thursday, August 16, 2007

So what are You Doing this Weekend?

It is opening weekend of the CNE ( the EX)...if you have children then you got FREE passes in thier report cards hopefully, unforunately Roo didnt for some strange reason this year. If you are reading this today it is the Last day to get discounted tickects from Shoppers or you can get them online as well up till Midnight today but none later..This Monday and next monday are Kids days so kids can get in for a toonie, and they have 30 ride tickects that day for $20. If you are hitting the EX there is LOTS to do in thier for FREE without doing the rides. It is the one reason I LOVE the kid area so very much.

Otherwise in case the EX aint your thing, and by the way unless I find 2 free passes for me and Roo we wont be there this year. On Friday night Spiderman 3 is the movie over at Downsview Park. Speaking of things in the park dont forget over at High Park you have Shakesphere in the Park evernight night at 8 pm. On Sundays they do a great kids program starting at 5:30. If you are downtown hit the waterfront for some FREE entertainment. There is alot more going on for FREE around town and if you are ever at loss for what to do go to and simply look at thier list of events!

This weekend Roo and I are just hitting a local park and doing some bbqing. Keeping it simple here. Have a good weekend all..

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