Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beating Summer Boredom

I have an 9 yr old daughter and well it is summer time and we are in the big city and this year I wanted to make sure that we broke the summer boredom blues and mom wouldnt have to hear that "Iam bored" whine. At the beginning of summer I had my daughter Roo list all the things that she could do that cost less then $1..and then I had her list 5 biggies that she really wanted to do this summer ie go to movies, Ontario Place, Zoo, Wonderland, etc..

Now for the cheapies she has a great long list and if you would like to take her list to help you get thru the dog days of summer you can:
  1. go to the splash park
  2. go swimming
  3. go to the library
  4. watch a dvd
  5. play FREE games on the computer
  6. write a letter
  7. draw with chalk
  8. play with homemade playdough
  9. play in the sand
  10. weed the garden
  11. water the garden
  12. clean Norman( our pet fish)
  13. play with her barbies
  14. paint a picture
  15. learn a new recipe
  16. play with bubbles
  17. Swiffer for mom
  18. play with water toys in the tub
  19. go for an adventure walk in the neighbourhood
  20. go to the beach
  21. fly a kite
  22. play soccer
  23. ride her scooter
  24. play with bubbles
  25. make a collage
  26. do sheet wrok
  27. do Mad Libs
  28. play a board game
  29. practice Scrabble so she can beat mom
  30. create a page for her scrapbook album
  31. water paint outside
  32. do a science experiment
  33. walk the nieghbour's dog
  34. build a marshmellow creation
  35. make a puppet
  36. build a puppet theatre
  37. put on a play
  38. play dress up
  39. put on music and dance
  40. and my favorite take a nap!

This is not all on our list but it might help you start your own, it sure is a good cheap way to break the summer time boredom blues.

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