Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cheap Equals ECOGEEK!

In the days of global warming I think we are all thinking of ways that we can help lessen our impact here on planet Earth. I know I have been, but at first when I thought about going GREEN what flashed in front of me was dollar signs, okay what was it going to cost this queen of cheap?

Going green has actually SAVED me money..yeppers. Any money I have spent at all I have reaped the benefit from..

The 5 easiest ways to go ECO GEEK for me have been:

1. SHUT OUT THE LIGHTS: by actually turning off the lights when not in a room, and puting my computer and entertainment center on power bars that I actually shut off and unplug when not in use I am saving power and money. It so far has been my easiest..did you know it takes less then 1 minute to program a VCR and DVD player.

2. WALK and WALK: if we can walk there in less then 1/2 hour we are walking the distance instead of taking the bus, and we are only using taxies for big grocery days or if medically needed. By not having a car think of the money we save!

3. GO CFS--by changing the light bubls to these we have saved more then I put out to buy them in the first place.

4. RECYCLE and REUSE-we have been very supportive to the city's recycling program and have gotten our garbage usage down to 1 bag every 2 weeks. As well we have shopped garage sales and second hand stores for those things that we need..You can call my place vintage chic!

5. Buying LESS PACKAGED goods..I have been trying to shop the outsides of the store and go less with the packaging, and of course I am briinging my own bags( bought 3 bags for $3) and they will last a LONG TIME, and I am saving the landfills of some packaging and plastics.

So you can see it is quite easy and cheap to go ECOGEEK! I had written about this very topic on Bloghers Act's Facebook group and was so amazed when today who comments on what I have written but the KING of the Canadian GREEN team--David Suzuki! Why not check out his challenge HERE and really go GREEN with the rest of Canada..I will be writing more about going GREEN on the cheap as the year goes on.

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