Thursday, August 9, 2007

Come this Weekend to my Neighbourhood

This weekend is one of my favorite of the on the Danforth it is time for Taste of the Danforth. What started years ago as a celebration of all things GREEK really has become more of a cosmoplitain event, and the best thing is it is FREE. There are lots of samples, and lots of games for the kids, face painting, you know all the fun stuff that you expect at a street party~ I am looking forward to the Salsa music...and Roo wants to play all the games that our local sports teams are hosting...Now if you havent for soem reason tasted the restraunts along the Danforth then you are in for a real treat. As for parking may I suggest you leave your car at home as the Danforth is on the Bloor line, just get off at Broadview, Chester or Pape. Yes the festival is that long on the street. I love living just off this area as it really is an area where you get all the very best of Toronto..So why not come and hang with me this weekend. My sister is visiting from Nova Scotia so it will be her and my nieces first festival so I am sure we will have a blast! Hope you see you all in my hood!

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