Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cost of Being Sick in Toronto

Okay I have been in pain for 7 days now, at first I thought, oh it was the fact that well Auntie Gertie was upon me..but more and more the pain increased..Went to the doc on fri who basically said if it aint better by Monday come back, and he took an urine sample to check,...that doct trip cost$15 for taxis..Sat eve I was feeling even worse so I ended up in the emergency ward, where the doc took blood, urine etc...started treating for a UTI but the pain progressively has gotten worse. Sat eve trip to hospital taxis and prescription cost $45. Yesterday it got even worse well ended back up in emerg they are now thinking it is kidney stones or my gallbladder we wont know till tommorrow am so I am now on pain meds till then...the last trip was another $45. I have to be at the hospital for 8 am tommorrow. I just want the pain gone for good, I am not sleeping and I feel ugh like screaming! One thankful note my daughter Roo has been a great lil nurse! So getting sick can COST big time even within a FREE system..so are you prepared for those sick days, with this happening I realized I wasnt and am not.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are You Planning Your Weekend Yet?

My daughter Roo and I were discussing this morning what we want to do this weekend..there are several FREE things we could do. One of the benefits of living in the big city is the abudance of FREE things to do!

One of my favortie summer time events is the Beaches Jazz Festival. It is this weekend. If you are going to it may I suggest you pack a lunch as if you want to eat at one of the restraunts in the area, you have a LONG wait to get in. As well dont forget to bring a blanket, as the festival is so close to the water it might be great to make a day of it and hit the beach and not just Queen St where most of the action is.

One site I check for great kids activites all summer long is kidsummer.com .Tonight there is a great free event The Ben Show, tomorrow 2 kids can get in FREE at the Toronto Zoo with a $20 adult admission.

If you like ballet there is Ballet in the park,they are doing Cinderella at Etienne Brulé Park July 27 and 28 at 7:30 p.m.

If you like things from the SouthEast Asia then you want to get to Masala! Mehndi! Masti! down on the Exhibtion Grounds. There are over 80 free events and lots of great music.

And if you are out in Brampton there is always Summerfest at Gage Park on Sat and Sunday.

Isnt there lots to do on the CHEAP! Roo and I have been trying to figure out what we are doing. On Sat Roo is going to a birthday party( her gift for Birthday boy is movies passes that I got for FREE, how is that for a cheap present). Then sat eve I do think we will go down to the Beaches for an hour or so. After church on Sunday we may go to the ballet in the park which I would think would be a great way to bring ballet to a lil girl.

Well time to go, it is a hot day here in Toronto so we are headed to one of the many FREE pools that Toronto offers thru parks and rec for an enjoyable afternoon in the water and sun.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SCOPing at Shoppers

This weekend my daughter and I hit a Shoppers outside or usual ones while out and about.The intention was to pick her up ssome candies etc for treats for the next while as my stock at home had been depleted. Well we get there and our list was this one box of Koolaid Jammers( reg price there 3.99 on for $2), Mand M's on for $2, and 2 bins of Life candy(2 for $3)...so when we went to pay for it, it scanned in incorrectly. So the cashier says oh I have to do a price check on it.So she gets that done and then trys to punch it in at the lower price. Of course me being the informed consumer I say excuse but your store is onboard with the Scanning code of practice isnt it? The scanning code of practice says IF the product costs LESS then $10 then it is FREE. Most major canadian retailers are apart of this ( major exception Zellers). So the girl has to call the manager, who basically gave her an earful and well I did end up with my FREE item because I know what they are supposed to follow...so remember if it SCANS wrong ask and expect that they are following SCOP and if it costs under $10 it is FREE, if if costs more then $10 then they are to take off $10..a few times a year by remembering SCOP I am able to get soemthing FREE and well that is definitely cheaper then cheap.

Cheaper then Cheap-Becoming a Frugal Canadian Mom

I am starting a new blog to blog about being a frugal mom here in Canada's biggest city. I will link you all to sites that help me as I try and raise a child in Toronto on $1400 a month or less!

There are so many ways to have a simple fun life in this city and save money at the same time. So as I journey at becoming a frugaller, a reuser, and a contestor why not join me on my journey!

To let you know about me : solo parent of one special needs child here in Toronto, learning fast what it takes to make money last. As well by sharing what I learn it may help you and me both out in the long run, so let this journey begin!

Expect stories of using SCOP,coupons, FOFing, great sales, contests, free events in the city and every other way I find to save a dollar here and there!..As well I will examine some ways to possibly make some money and stay at home as well!

So come with me my fellow readers and may we become the queens of frugalness!