Monday, August 6, 2007

Menu Monday

Meant to get this done earlier but today has been super hectic as I have spent the day cleaning as I have compnay coming this family will be visiting from Nova Scotia..

It has been HOT here in Toronto so on HOT nights we like to have a COOL dinner and one of our favorites is to have a SALAD night..

Our Favorite is this Pasta Salad

Cook enough pasta for family ( for us that is half a bag) and we use the wheels as that is Roo's fav shape.
Italian Dressing
Turkey Pepperoni
Green Peppers
Yellow peppers
Throw all together in a big bowl..
For us this is enoug for a light easy dinner..if not enough for your clan add rolls and butter that way you dont have to cook anymore then is absolutely neccesary

This is a quick and easy fav of ours and for dessert we had Strawberries and Icecream, yum!

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