Thursday, August 2, 2007

So much to Do for FREE this weekend (or for a good price)

Well I am starting to feel better so it is time to plan the weekend there is so much to do this week end well you could go from FREE to FREE all weekend long..

First of course it is Caribana here in Toronto this weekend. The parade is on Saturday and starts at 10 am...get there early and get a good spot, maybe one near the food vendors cause the food is GOOD and not that expensive either. If you want to see all that is going on for caribana at Ontario place this weekend take advantage that is 680 NEWS day at Ontario place and you can go for $6.80..

If you not wanting to be part of the nearly million that will take in Caribana, there is still much to do..

Friday night you could hit Downsview Park and watch a movie for FREE..this week it is Happily Never After or perhaps you prefer the arts the FREE GAllery on Queen St has a great display called Two by Two that shows the lives of refugees. As well the Ballet in the park that I told you about last week here is still going on.

There are lots of FREE music events all across the town..There is the Irie Music Festival down at Nathan Phillip Square or at Queens Park. At Harbourfront if you dont want to get the caribeen feeling at CAribana you have Caribeen Soul.

So lots to do on this long weekend ...enjoy it all everyone! On Monday I will be starting something new here at cheaper then cheap...Menu Monday..a great inexpensive recipe great for families will be shared! Hoping to make it a regular feature of the blog.

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