Friday, September 7, 2007

What's Going On in the City

So another beautiful weekend is upons us there is sure much to do this weekend without breaking the bank..and think we only have 2 offical weeks before fall is upon us!

So with the spirit of raising my girl on the cheap, I wrote yesterday about my winning 4 tickects to the Argo game for tommorrow afternoon. After talking it over with Roo we passed these tickects on to another family that are HUGE Arogo fans, so we passed that win forward. Now instead just down the street between Greenwood and Coxwell you will find us at the Danforth Family day that goes from 11-2..I think Roo will have more fun at that...and it too is FREE!

So what else is on the menu if you want a free outing, or a cheap one, there is the Vegetarian Fair down at the Harbourfront...always a great chance to sample some of the newest stuff out there. There are two other community fairs this weekend, one in Malvern and one in Riverdale. I really like the Riverdale on cause you can always hit the farm to which is a kid favorite.
Heritage Toronto offers a great little walking Tour along the Danforth on Sunday. If a walk along the Danforth isnt your cup of tea perhaops you might prefer a tour of the Mount Pleasent cemetary with ROMwalks.
There sure is lots to do in our city on the cheap and for that I am forever thankful.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Good Cheap Day

Sorry all that I havent been posting but with the start of school I got super busy but I have remained very cheap!

Today is an example of a cheap day in my house:

Got a phone call this morning from our local community newspaper( insidetoronto) that I won 4 tickets to Saturdays Argo game.

Then I went to dominion to go grocery shop as they had chicken quarters and Rice Krispies on sale..While there I used there Fresh or Free to pick up $17.57 in FREE groceries: carmael rolls, fresh orange juice, peak freens cookies, carmel teas and a candy treat for Roo all for FREE

this is what I call a good cheap day!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Menu Monday- Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

Okay we are on a strict budget here, today I found out that I will lose $345 of monthly income, thanks to fundign cuts...errr! So have to tighten up the budget even more!

So here is another cheap recipe that we use when things are lean

Ramen Noodle Chicken StirFry

First I buy chicken breasts in bulk( I can often get 8 on sale for less then $12) One breast is good for one meal for me and Roo

So Chicken enough for your family
2 pkgs for RAmen noodles ( we sue 1)
Frozen chineese veggies( for us about 2 cups worth)
Seasoning mix(from Noodle pac)
We heat skillet add wee bit of oil, and brown our chicken, add in spices and a wee bit of liquid( this changes all the time in my house ie water, orange juice, soya sauce, etc..), add frozen veggies and add the noodles last..simmer and cook to your families liking..It is fast and it is cheap and that is what matters here!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning Talk with Roo

My daughter Roo and I had an intersting talk this morning about money..You see she was watching TV and a Plan Canada program came on, and my daughter who is a very empathic 9 year old was like mom why do some kids live like that? why cant we share? can we sponser all these kids? please mom what can we do...
Roo doesnt realize that to Canadian standards we are considered poor by many, even though we have a place to live, food in the cupboards, and well freecycled and garage sale material possessions. Our talk turned to what we do have materially and how that compares to the children in much of the world. Roo I think was realizing how rich we are on a global standard. It made her stop and think about her collection of toys in her room, and how some kids arent so blessed, and the shelves full of books she has..I think she is coming to understand that we can do our part by not buying into the material fantasy that is much of western thought.
You can live simply, make do, recycle, make concessions, and give too, they say karma is a great thing, and personally sharing as you are able to is a good thing in a world that says we need the newest computer, the newest gadgets to make our life easier, but would that really be the answer I think not, I like the lessons I have been learning myself about being cheaper then cheap..I too not that long ago was on that material rollercoaster looking for the next newest thing..simple is nice, simple is easy, simple is cheaper then cheap and leaves one feeling blessed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So much to do, What are Your Weekend Plans?

There is so much going on this last Saturday of August, first of course there is tne CNE, but if you didnt prebuy before the 17th tickects are a bit pricey for this mom, but there is the $5 entrance fee after 5pm. You can go after 5pm and get in for $5 on Tuesday, Wendnesday and Thursday...for cheap food at the Ex there still is the 99 cent spaghetti, but much of it is now getting expensice so unless you have money to spare this weekend here are some other things to occupy your time.

Down on the Harbourfront there is Taiwan Ilha Formosa which is a free event, with music and the like to celebrate the beautiful island.

Over in the St Lawrence Market area is one of my favorites of the summer-Buskerfest! There are 40 performers strutting there stuff and all for a good cause too.

At Masaryk Cowan Park there is the Parkdale Festival. It is about celebrating music and creating new art.
Now on Sunday for all bargain hunters you want to make you way to the University of Toronto Varisty Stadium for the RedFlagDeals Bargain Hunters Pinic, for $5 you get barbeque, refreshments and a gift bag. If you RSVP to 416-628-3331 you can be registered for games and prizes too.
And dont forget Shakesphere in the Park at 8pm at High Park if you havent seen it this summer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School -- Are You Spending Too Much?

Well I am done shopping for Roo who is entering grade 4 this year, so this year I struck a strict budget of $75 for back to school shopping and I stuck to it..want to see what we got for our bucks..

  • Bratz Backpack 9.99 (Walmart)
  • Pencil Crayons-24pack 1.68(Walmart)
  • Crayola Crayons-24 pack 1.16(Walmart)
  • Ruler(big one)-.99(Shoppers)
  • Bic Pens-FREE (scoped)
  • Erasers-8-$1 (Dollarama)
  • Pencils-12-$1( Dollarama)
  • Socks-$5.97 (Walmart)
  • Looseleaf Paper-2pkgs-$.98(Shoppers)
  • Markers (FREE from a friend)
  • Folders( using some left from last year so no cost)
  • T-shirt$3.99( Disney Store)
  • Long Sleeve Sketchers Top $3.99(Value Village)
  • Long Sleeve Cute Monkey Top$.99(Value Village)
  • Long Sleeve Gap Top$3.99(Value Village( tags were still on it)
  • Beige Gap Pants $7( Ages and Stages)
  • jeans$5(Zellers Clearance)
  • grey Lasenza Girl crop sweat $3.99(Value Village)
  • Jeans FREE gift from friend

This is what she is starting the year with as well as what is already in her closet. By setting a strict budget I was able to stay in it, and shopped for sales all summer long. As well Roo didnt need new rummers as I bought her sone on sale in the beginning of June, that she has hardly won as it has been the summer of the flipflop! I am finding there are lots of back to school sales but to be cheaper then cheap, think you dont have to outfit your child in NEW, new to them is just as dandy. Roo is all set, how about you are you ready for back to school yet?

Oh and the total spent was with taxes and all $54.22--Yeppers $20 under budget cause I didnt buy new runners!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Freebie

Today I found a great way to help my daughter Roo make healthier choices when it comes to eating and guess what it is FREE! Got to love something that will come in the mail for FREE

Eat Right Be Right is a resource site for healthy eating and right now they have launched a NEW game called Staying Alive. It is geared for 8-12 year olds, my daughter fits that group. The kids real life choices will help them survive in this game where they get points for thier choices..I think it just may be a great learning tool! They even ship it out for FREE!
If you are looking for FREEBIES my favorite place to find them is Frugal Shopper..Lets see this week I registered for a few freebies that I found that other members left, isnt sharing when trying to do things on the cheap just the best!I found another new one just today and that is Smart Cannucks after visiting it is now apart of my favs--if you want to know where some of the great freebies are this is a bookmark location!