Friday, September 7, 2007

What's Going On in the City

So another beautiful weekend is upons us there is sure much to do this weekend without breaking the bank..and think we only have 2 offical weeks before fall is upon us!

So with the spirit of raising my girl on the cheap, I wrote yesterday about my winning 4 tickects to the Argo game for tommorrow afternoon. After talking it over with Roo we passed these tickects on to another family that are HUGE Arogo fans, so we passed that win forward. Now instead just down the street between Greenwood and Coxwell you will find us at the Danforth Family day that goes from 11-2..I think Roo will have more fun at that...and it too is FREE!

So what else is on the menu if you want a free outing, or a cheap one, there is the Vegetarian Fair down at the Harbourfront...always a great chance to sample some of the newest stuff out there. There are two other community fairs this weekend, one in Malvern and one in Riverdale. I really like the Riverdale on cause you can always hit the farm to which is a kid favorite.
Heritage Toronto offers a great little walking Tour along the Danforth on Sunday. If a walk along the Danforth isnt your cup of tea perhaops you might prefer a tour of the Mount Pleasent cemetary with ROMwalks.
There sure is lots to do in our city on the cheap and for that I am forever thankful.


Jen A. Miller said...

Hey Hollie! I saw on that you were thinking of adopting a dog -- that's great! I think what most people don't realize about adoption is that not all dogs have something wrong with them. When I looked for my dog, I saw everything from four week old puppies who were abandoned for no good reason to well trained older dogs whose owners couldn't keep them, whether because they moved or (sadly) because they passed away. My advice is to take your time, and do your research about dog breeds. That will cut down on the chance of adopting a dog who's a bad match. Good luck!


Lisa b said...

Hey Holie
I just saw your comment at her bad mother.
I am hear to learn how to be cheaper than cheap
I love it.
we should all live like this all the time.