Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Good Cheap Day

Sorry all that I havent been posting but with the start of school I got super busy but I have remained very cheap!

Today is an example of a cheap day in my house:

Got a phone call this morning from our local community newspaper( insidetoronto) that I won 4 tickets to Saturdays Argo game.

Then I went to dominion to go grocery shop as they had chicken quarters and Rice Krispies on sale..While there I used there Fresh or Free to pick up $17.57 in FREE groceries: carmael rolls, fresh orange juice, peak freens cookies, carmel teas and a candy treat for Roo all for FREE

this is what I call a good cheap day!

1 comment:

SusanA said...

Hi - can you talk about how you get the fresh or free thing? If you find it and it's not fresh, do they just give it to you? I've never asked before, but we do shop at Dominion all the time. Thanks!