Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SCOPing at Shoppers

This weekend my daughter and I hit a Shoppers outside or usual ones while out and about.The intention was to pick her up ssome candies etc for treats for the next while as my stock at home had been depleted. Well we get there and our list was this one box of Koolaid Jammers( reg price there 3.99 on for $2), Mand M's on for $2, and 2 bins of Life candy(2 for $3) when we went to pay for it, it scanned in incorrectly. So the cashier says oh I have to do a price check on it.So she gets that done and then trys to punch it in at the lower price. Of course me being the informed consumer I say excuse but your store is onboard with the Scanning code of practice isnt it? The scanning code of practice says IF the product costs LESS then $10 then it is FREE. Most major canadian retailers are apart of this ( major exception Zellers). So the girl has to call the manager, who basically gave her an earful and well I did end up with my FREE item because I know what they are supposed to remember if it SCANS wrong ask and expect that they are following SCOP and if it costs under $10 it is FREE, if if costs more then $10 then they are to take off $10..a few times a year by remembering SCOP I am able to get soemthing FREE and well that is definitely cheaper then cheap.


scrapbookingoasis said...

had that with a box of diapers once...and had a $5 off coupon - so $15 dollars off - pretty awesome. I didn't know Zellers didn't follow it - would be nice if they did as I like to try and support Canadian retailers

Oscar said...

Wow, an astonishing information man. Good share.

With Thanks!

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